Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Future Step-Free Stations: Other New Stations

This is post #4 of my 9-part Future Step-Free Stations series, focusing on new stations in London to be ready by 2022. You can read the intro post of the series here.

Future Step-Free Stations: New Elizabeth Line Stations

Welcome to the third part of my Future Step-Free Stations series. Please click here if you would like to read the intro.

Future Step-Free Stations: Existing Elizabeth Line Stations

The second installment in my Future Step-Free Stations series, Existing Elizabeth Line Stations. If you haven’t already read the intro, feel free to start here first.

Future Step-Free Stations: Introduction

Following my earlier post on TfL Rail, I have now created a list documenting the current and upcoming step-free access projects on all lines and services in London up until 2022. These stations range from small branch-line stations such as Mill Hill East to major interchange centres such as Whitechapel. All in all, I found… Continue reading Future Step-Free Stations: Introduction

Tracing the Crossrail Route

This weekend I had an all-day outing in London, hoping to catch a glimpse at some of the several step-free access projects across the capital. In a forthcoming post, I will be listing in detail all of the projects expected to be completed by 2022, while this one will focus on the future Crossrail/Elizabeth line.

Step-Free London Transport Map

To start off, I would like to introduce my Step-Free London map, which features the state of step-free access across London’s rail network. It includes both TfL-run services, such as the Underground, Overground, DLR, and Tramlink, as well as National Rail services within the Oyster Zone, such as Southern, Thameslink, and South Western Railway. This… Continue reading Step-Free London Transport Map


Here is a little bit about me. This will also be found in the “Introduction” page. My name is Tomas and I am very passionate about accessible travel.  I am currently residing in Reading and am an avid rail user and enthusiast. I originally became interested in step-free access because of my partner, who is… Continue reading Introduction