London Assembly Transport Committee Report

A few months ago, the London Assembly Transport Committee held a consultation aimed at investigating ways to improve London’s railway network to make it more efficient, more accessible, and fit-for-purpose. Not counting organisations, I was one of 11 members of the public to submit a written response to the consultation, which you can read in my previous post located here. Yesterday, the final report was finally released. While it does contain good recommendations to achieve a network that is reliable, welcoming, and that has metro-like frequencies, I found the report to be lacking in detail and its proposals for accessibility were far below what I expected.

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RAIL Magazine Publication

I am delighted to announce that I am featured in the latest issue of RAIL (Issue 866)! My tiny insert, shown below, is part of a larger article written by railway engineer Gareth Dennis which delves into the risks posed by the platform-train interface (PTI) and the many challenges that prevent an easy solution to issues such as level boarding and accidents.

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Staffing and Assisted Travel Consulation

Continuing with upgrading the official SfL map, I am happy to announce that the map now includes unstaffed stations as well as a three-tiered hierarchy describing the degrees of staffing. Coincidentally, today the Office of Rail and Road has released a consultation regarding assisted travel on the National Rail network. The consultation proposes changes to the assistance process in hopes of simplifying bookings and making information more easily accessible and accurate.

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New Step-Free Station and Upcoming Map!

So apparently, Newbury Park on the Central line is now step-free to all platforms! The opening, which I was expecting later this month, also comes at a time when I am making big changes to my SfL map to make it more interactive and useful for new as well as seasoned passengers.

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