Staffing and Assisted Travel Consulation

Continuing with upgrading the official SfL map, I am happy to announce that the map now includes unstaffed stations as well as a three-tiered hierarchy describing the degrees of staffing. Coincidentally, today the Office of Rail and Road has released a consultation regarding assisted travel on the National Rail network. The consultation proposes changes to the assistance process in hopes of simplifying bookings and making information more easily accessible and accurate.

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Map Update!

As of yesterday, Victoria Underground station is step-free to all Underground lines! While level boarding is now possible on the District/Circle line platforms, beware of the curved platforms that result in a wide range of gap sizes (small ramps are also available if needed). Here is a diagram showing the current layout of the station:

Completed Victoria Underground station

There is also an updated SfL map, that you can access below:

London TravelWatch Report on Step-Free Stations

In preparation for next week’s London TravelWatch Board meeting on 23rd October, numerous documents to be discussed at the meeting have been made available. Of these, one of the documents deals with an update on the state of step-free stations in London. This post will go over the main points of what the document covers, and also what it DOESN’T cover.

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London Station Scouting October 2018

Today, I decided to go into London to see the progress of several step-free access schemes across the city, which is something I have not done in many months. Ranging from small hoardings tucked away from view to massive construction zones linked to commercial development, it was great to see so many of these projects moving forward. With any luck, we should be seeing more than a few openings by the end of the year!

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Step-Free Access Update: Victoria Station and Delays

After an extremely quiet summer and numerous step-free access delays across London, Victoria Station has broken the trend as three lifts started service on Friday. Although the project itself is delayed and still yet to be fully completed, it marks a significant improvement in accessibility. Other schemes expected this summer, such as Bank and TfL Rail, have unfortunately encountered even more delays, such that it is also time to update their completion dates. Finally, TfL’s close partnership with local housing development has progressed step-free access plans at two important Underground stations, Walthamstow Central and Notting Hill Gate.

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Comparative Accessibility: Barcelona

Jon and I just got back from an amazing honeymoon in Barcelona, full of exciting adventures and memorable experiences. During the course of 8 days, we probably saw every inch of Barcelona, from the bustling city centre to its quieter outer reaches. What made our ambitious wandering and sightseeing so smooth and painless was Barcelona’s incredibly accessible public transport network, which is by far one of the best in all of Europe. This post will be a comprehensive overview of the state and quality of accessibility in Barcelona.

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Comparative Accessibility: Paris

Jon and I are currently on our way down to Barcelona for our week-long honeymoon trip in Barcelona. Rather than dealing with the hassle of flying and worrying about whether Jon’s wheelchair would make it in one piece, we decided to take the train to experience the joys of high-speed rail. The journey is divided into three parts: London to Paris via Eurostar, a cross-city bus between the Paris terminals, and Paris to Barcelona via TGV. This post will mainly focus on accessibility in and around Paris as well as the issues that we had while planning our route, while the next will cover accessibility in Barcelona.

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Victoria Station Update

Thanks to train delays at my local station tonight, I decided to go to Shoreham via London rather than my usual routes via Clapham Junction or Gatwick. This gave me a rare opportunity to do brief step-free access spotting at Victoria station, which is, in all likelihood, the next station that will gain step-free access in the Underground. All in all, while there are no new step-free routes yet, I am happy to say that there are important updates and that this scheme may be coming to a close after long-drawn delays.

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