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Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

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Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Victoria Station Update

Thanks to train delays at my local station tonight, I decided to go to Shoreham via London rather than my usual routes via Clapham Junction or Gatwick. This gave me a rare opportunity to do brief step-free access spotting at Victoria station, which is, in all likelihood, the next station that will gain step-free access in the Underground. All in all, while there are no new step-free routes yet, I am happy to say that there are important updates and that this scheme may be coming to a close after long-drawn delays.

One of my readers notified me a few days that sections of the hoardings at Victoria had been replaced by light fencing, hinting at an imminent opening of another part of the station’s redevelopment. And then, this afternoon, TfL fired off a tweet announcing the opening of three new escalators at the station’s south ticket hall (the one connected to the railway station).

My immediate question, and reply to the tweet, was about step-free access and whether any new lifts had opened. While I got no reply from TfL, my changed travel plans allowed me to see the station for myself. I am always suspicious of TfL, which have developed a habit of not announcing when stations become accessible, which is exactly what happened last year when the first part of Victoria station gained step-free access.

Below is an illustration of the Victoria State Upgrade scheme, which aims to bring step-free access to all lines, increase capacity, and open a north ticket hall to reduce overcrowding at the south ticket hall.

Victoria Station Upgrade (source)
The olive green sections correspond to the new parts of the station, while the yellow structures denote the 7 lifts that will make the station accessible. Last year, the north ticket hall (the bottom one in the drawing) opened as well as three lifts bringing full step-free access to the Victoria Line. Unfortunately, since the north ticket hall is at the opposite direction of the railway station, step-free interchanges between London Victoria and the tube station are lengthy and a bit chaotic.

Maze between Southern trains at London Victoria and the north ticket hall of the Underground
Today, the remaining escalators as well as a new passageway to the westbound District/Circle line platform were opened to the public. You can see the scope of each opening in the drawing below, where the purple area opened last year and the red area opened today.

Phased opening of the scheme (purple = 2017, red = Summer 2018)
In addition to the aforementioned escalators, one of the 4 remaining lifts is located in this area. It will offer access between the south ticket hall, the westbound District/Circle line platforms, and an interchange level that leads to the Victoria Line and the north ticket hall. Frustratingly, the lift itself is not yet in service, but I was able to capture the new areas where the lift will operate.

Entrance to lift at interchange level

Entrance to lift (in the back) at District/Circle line level

Entrance to lift at south ticket hall level
The remaining lifts, which give access to the railway station and the eastbound District/Circle line platforms, are still hidden behind hoardings.

Hoarding in front of the lift at the railway station level

Old picture of lift to eastbound District/Circle line and Victoria line (still looks like this)
It is very annoying that, yet again, step-free access is the last thing to open when it comes to redevelopment projects. It is also unlikely that the “open” lift will be put into service before at least one other lift is ready to open, as this would give step-free access either to the railway station or to both sub-surface platforms.

Overall, the newly opened section looks very good and spacious, so I have no doubt that it will be a very well-received. The only question is: How much longer will we have to wait?!?


  1. Was at Victoria Station today and decided to use new route to access eastbound Circle/District Line platform. In fact, announcements were being made suggesting passengers use the new routes .

    However, while the new lift in south Ticket hall has Circle, District and Victoria Lines the notice above the new escalators only has Victoria Line ( As per your photo above) yet these escalators are much shorter than the old ones . I suppose the other lines might be on the covered section?

    Using this route to the westbound platform is not to bad but the eastbound platform seems much further away along Subway and is much further than the old route at booking hall level .

    No progress on work or opening other parts and it looks like plenty of work to finish off surfaces remains .

  2. Victoria update – I was as Victoria Station today and noticed the hoarding has been removed at booking hall level to lift in south booking hall with closed fire doors now shown with one of those temporary closed barriers nearby. Hoarding is still in place at Mainline station level .

    One other thing I noticed is the wide ticket gate just before the inaccessible old Circle and District lines booking hall has a sign to lift installed on the wall suggesting this will lead to lift access in future.

  3. Victoria Station update today – The hoarding has been removed in Mainline Station revealing two lifts which will serve South ticket hall below with both lifts having scrolled messages and temporary barrier . Both fire doors remain closed at Ticket hall level .

    Hoarding remains on eastbound Circle and District lines platform.

    It’s a question of whether TFL will wait to eastbound lift is completed or open lifts with those from Station to Ticket hall at least providing stair free access to Victoria Line using original escalators for those with luggage and prams .

    1. As always, thanks for the wonderful updates. They are certainly much more descriptive than the disappointingly vague information on the latest TfL Board Papers updates! I heard from a reliable source that the lifts were supposed to be completed this week, but the opening was delayed last minute. So we can be expecting some kind of opening, either full or partial, very soon! Have you had a chance to see the state of the hoardings on the Victoria line platforms (same lift as the eastbound Circle/District)? That’s one area I always forget to check when I’m at Victoria.

      1. Hoarding on eastbound platform is was still in place today when I used Victoria Station . Same applies to Subway below.

        One other temporary measure is escalators from District Line to Victoria Line are closed for upgrade work until next month meaning passengers changing from Circle/ District lines to Victoria Line have a much longer walk to Cardinal Place escalators.

  4. Positive news today with both lifts from Victoria Mainline Station to southern ticket hall open and in use . Together with lift from southern ticket hall to westbound Circle and District Lines and Victoria Line thus creating easier interchange between Victoria Line and Mainline Station .

    A notice in ticket alerts passengers to lift access as above being available.

    Eastbound platform is still covered in hoarding at both levels .

  5. Does anyone know if all lifts from Victoria mainline station through to the Circle and District line’s are now open? Keep trying to ask TFL but alas not a thing! Many thanks!

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