Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

New Step-Free Station and Upcoming Map!

So apparently, Newbury Park on the Central line is now step-free to all platforms! The opening, which I was expecting later this month, also comes at a time when I am making big changes to my SfL map to make it more interactive and useful for new as well as seasoned passengers.

Newbury Park

Although it is hard to be sure, as TfL Access tweeted the announcement about Newbury Park this afternoon before promptly deleting it, I am fairly confident that the station is actually step-free now. After all, this earlier response from last night seems to indicate that at some point (and hopefully still), the new lifts were indeed open:

If there is anyone close-by or simply curious about the station, I would greatly appreciate knowing the status of this station. I am also keen on seeing people’s opinion on the step and gap between the train and platform. Unlike in the below-ground stations (see Bond Street), the platforms here are noticeably higher, so I am curious to see what type of ramp is used and whether level boarding could be feasible in its current form.

This is now the second step-free station to open as part of the Mayor’s 30-station step-free programme (after Buckhurst Hill). As always, it is great to see the Central line benefitting from better access, as it has long been one of the least accessible lines in the entire Underground network.

Despite this, the Central line has a level boarding problem, primarily because of its non-RVAR-compliant trains. The lack of a dedicated wheelchair bay, outer gap-filling step and other accessibility measures have presumably blocked the installation of platform humps at existing step-free stations. Because of this, I still expect Newbury Park to require ramps (although it would be very welcome news to find out otherwise).

New Map (under construction)

Due to the new opening, there is an updated set of maps, which you can access through the links below:

You may notice a slightly different layout on the maps, such as extra routes and different symbols. I have been working over the past few weeks getting them ready to be hosted directly on this website. This will allow me to add interactive elements that will increase the usefulness of the maps. Some of these include making the stations clickable and displaying additional information (interchange distances, where to board, etc.) and allowing the use of filters based on services and degrees of accessibility.

If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see in an interactive step-free map, feel free to message me!


  1. Your map includes West Anglia route north from Stratford so should this also include the reopened Lea Bridge Road Station which is fully accessible ?

    I passed through Forest Gate Station today and it looks like the new stairs are now in use linked to the upgraded entrance so lifts may not be far behind.

    One announcement in the Budget was funding to Mayor of London which will fund additional DLR trains and a new station at Thames Wharf ….. See link to local newspaper for fuller details –

    1. Lea Bridge is a bit of a nightmare for me, since it is also completely unstaffed. I had held off from adding it (as well as Grange Park, and Wembley Stadium) but am in the process of revamping the staffing designations…the next version of the map will include most of these stations (provided Grange Park gets manual boarding ramps). I feel like most of the 7 TfL Rail stations could open at any time, so I am following them closely :). I did hear about the new DLR station, that will be a great addition.

  2. The Londonist site has released a report on works at Euston Station for HS2 which also mentions proposed link from Euston Square Station to Euston which will be at opposite end to current entrance to Euston Square Station and thus save going to western end of platforms to exit and then returning at street level above platform to reach Euston Mainline Station. It also mentions plans for additional escalators from street level.

    It seems there is still a lack of detail as to how Underground at Euston will be upgraded as part of HS2

  3. New entrance to Bank Station under Bloomberg Building opened today providing step free access to Waterloo and City Line and improved access to the DLR at Bank Station.

    I have read questions arise over whether this entrance will be open on Sundays when Waterloo and City lines is closed .

    Entrance also provides better access to Bank Station with escalators from street level to main station subways below.

    1. Yes that will be interesting to see whether the entrance will be open at all times. Speaking of which, the upcoming connection from the Waterloo International platforms to the peak-time subway that leads to the tube platforms will also raise questions about opening times. Currently the subway is only open during the peaks, but as this will be the only step-free route to the W&C line, it will need to be open all day.

  4. I used the new Bank Station entrance today and at least there is a notice just inside informing users that step free access is not available at Waterloo Station end of Waterloo and City Line .

    I used entrance to reach the Central Line and it looks like some of the subways could be a tight squeeze for larger wheelchairs given narrowness in some sections.

    1. That is correct about Waterloo (and the reason I have yet to post about the new entrance). Waterloo will become step-free once the lifts from the new National Rail platforms open, which may be anywhere from this Sunday to sometime in February.

      Regarding the Central line, is the route itself actually step-free? I have always faced extremely narrow stairs when reaching those platforms.

      1. I tested the route from the new entrance to the Central Line and was able to negotiate most of the way until I had to uses complexof stairs so it’s not simply reaching a point where you can climb a few stairs and possibly install a lift to platforms. Platforms on Central Line are bendy and narrow so would need work to make them safely accessible.

  5. I was at Waterloo Station today and viewed the former International Station that has now reopened and it looks like work is finally coming along with Station finally being fitted out.

    I noticed the lifts that will link existing Mainline station down to the orchestra pit and they are progressing. I did read further work is expected to be completed after Christmas/ New Year so that might be when lifts become operational with step free access to Waterloo and City Line .

    I used Waterloo and City Line today to Bank and virtually had the new entrance to myself ..

    I noticed on leaving that this entrance is closed on Sunday when Waterloo and City Line does not run and means improved access to the DLR afforded by this entrance is thus not available.

    1. I heard that the lifts will not be ready until the end of January. Unfortunately, current plans are to have the peak-hour subway only opened during the peaks, which means that there will only be step-free access during that time. Regarding Bank, this improved access to the DLR is still not step-free right?

  6. Today’s issue of Rail (868) Dec 19- Jan 1 Page 25- Mentions that C2C have applied for Access for All funding to improve access to platform 6 serving London Overground at Upminster Station.

    1. Oooh thats exciting! If not also embarrassing that TfL itself isnt applying for Upminster given that the platform is Overground-only

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