Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Future Step-Free Stations: Existing Elizabeth Line Stations

The second installment in my Future Step-Free Stations series, Existing Elizabeth Line Stations. If you haven’t already read the intro, feel free to start here first.

StationLineScheduled date
Harold WoodTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
Gidea ParkTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
GoodmayesTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
Seven KingsTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
IlfordTfL Rail/ElizabethAfter line opens
Manor ParkTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
Forest GateTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
MarylandTfL Rail/ElizabethSpring to Summer 2018
Abbey WoodElizabethDecember 2018
Acton Main LineTfL Rail/ElizabethDelayed to mid-late 2019
Ealing BroadwayTfL Rail/Elizabeth, Central, District, Great WesternDelayed to mid-late 2019
West EalingTfL Rail/Elizabeth, Great WesternDelayed to mid-late 2019
HanwellTfL Rail/ElizabethDecember 2019
SouthallTfL Rail/ElizabethDelayed to mid-late 2019
Hayes & HarlingtonTfL Rail/Elizabeth, Great WesternDelayed to mid-late 2019
West DraytonTfL Rail/Elizabeth, Great WesternDecember 2019
IverTfL Rail/Elizabeth, Great WesternDecember 2019
LangleyTfL Rail/ElizabethDecember 2019
TaplowTfL Rail/ElizabethDecember 2019

These 19 stations make up the suburban portion of the upcoming Elizabeth line. They are above-ground stations originally built in Victorian times and are characterised by simple layouts and generally poor connections with other rail services. All of these stations are currently in use and are meant to become step-free before the complete launch of the line in December 2019. Abbey Wood, despite already being step-free and open to Southeastern services, is included in the list as its raised platforms for the Elizabeth line are still not in use.

As mentioned in my previous TfL Rail post, the stations on the eastern branch are at relatively advanced stages of construction compared to those on the western branch, which have been plagued by delays. Nevertheless, the fact that such a large number of consecutive stations will be step-free is a tremendous achievement that will open up travel opportunities for many Outer London residents.

Future step-free stations at the eastern (top) and western (bottom) portions of the Elizabeth Line

Unfortunately, as of now it is likely that manual boarding ramps will be required at all of these stations except Abbey Wood, due to the fact that the track will be shared by other services, such as local Great Western Railway and Greater Anglia trains, as well as passing freight trains. My hope is that this will eventually change and that level boarding becomes a greater priority, as both National Rail operators are slowly working towards a uniform suburban fleet that will be compatible with the Elizabeth line trains, as they all will be built by Bombardier.

New Elizabeth line train at Seven Kings

Finally, the few connections that these stations do have with other services will also be improved. For example, the redevelopment works at Ealing Broadway will bring step-free access to the Central and District lines, with at least the District line having level boarding. Similarly, the works at West Ealing will bring access to the long-neglected Greenford branch (more on this later).

Click here for the next part of the series, which covers the new part of the Elizabeth line!

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