Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Enjoying the Accessibility Boom While It Lasts

I’ve started writing this blog post on a ferry towards Bilbao, Spain. We will be on a much-needed holiday with family, as well as assessing the accessibility of even more Spanish cities. But looking back on the summer in London thus far, we have seen significant progress with regarding to step-free access schemes. As expected,… Continue reading Enjoying the Accessibility Boom While It Lasts

A Fresh Start to the New Year

Happy Belated New Year, everyone (and Happy Chinese New Year too as it’s taking me so long to write this post)! After a horrible 2020, this year has the potential to be a marked improvement. With the COVID-19 vaccine programme in full swing (Jon got his first dose yesterday), we can hopefully expect to return… Continue reading A Fresh Start to the New Year

Pandemic’s Legacy

With the free-fall in passenger numbers and project delays related to the lockdown, we are now beginning to see the damage that this will have on the future accessibility of London’s railway network. While TfL has long had financial troubles and Network Rail’s Access for All scheme is no stranger to delays, cancellations, and deferments,… Continue reading Pandemic’s Legacy

Calm Before the Storm

Amid these uncertain times due to COVID-19, I thought I would do a small post highlighting some of the recent advances regarding accessibility. New step-free stations on the Crossrail route have now created a fully accessible (to platforms) corridor from Reading to the Greater London boundary. To compensate for the finished works, there have been… Continue reading Calm Before the Storm

Summer’s Over!

With the end of summer, we start autumn with a bunch of small updates both in and out of London. These include surprise level boarding rolling stock coming soon to the Isle of Wight, new light rail lines moving forward, and continuous progress of step-free access. Isle of Wight Level Boarding Yesterday, it was announced… Continue reading Summer’s Over!

Station Spotting in Outer London

Last week I finally had the opportunity, after many months, to spend the whole day in London checking out the development of various step-free schemes all across the capital. Most of my focus was on the outer Crossrail stations, as well as other National Rail-related schemes. Crossrail West Taking the local GWR service into Paddington… Continue reading Station Spotting in Outer London

London Station Scouting October 2018

Today, I decided to go into London to see the progress of several step-free access schemes across the city, which is something I have not done in many months. Ranging from small hoardings tucked away from view to massive construction zones linked to commercial development, it was great to see so many of these projects… Continue reading London Station Scouting October 2018

Step-Free Stations News

I hope everyone is surviving the new timetable despite the many disruptions, particularly with Thameslink services. In this post, I wanted to highlight a series of interesting recent developments regarding future step-free access stations. 

Future Step-Free Stations: DfT Access for All Stations

Welcome to parts 7 and 8 of my Future Step-Free Stations series. They will cover the full list of stations in the Access for All government scheme, even the stations whose works have been deferred. DfT Access for All Stations

Future Step-Free Stations: TfL Suburban Station Plan

Reaching the half-way point of my Future Step-Free Stations series, we will now look at the largest group of step-free station works. Please refer to the intro of this series for overall information and links to other posts.