Comparative Accessibility: Barcelona

Jon and I just got back from an amazing honeymoon in Barcelona, full of exciting adventures and memorable experiences. During the course of 8 days, we probably saw every inch of Barcelona, from the bustling city centre to its quieter outer reaches. What made our ambitious wandering and sightseeing so smooth and painless was Barcelona’s incredibly accessible public transport network, which is by far one of the best in all of Europe. This post will be a comprehensive overview of the state and quality of accessibility in Barcelona.

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Comparative Accessibility: Paris

Jon and I are currently on our way down to Barcelona for our week-long honeymoon trip in Barcelona. Rather than dealing with the hassle of flying and worrying about whether Jon’s wheelchair would make it in one piece, we decided to take the train to experience the joys of high-speed rail. The journey is divided into three parts: London to Paris via Eurostar, a cross-city bus between the Paris terminals, and Paris to Barcelona via TGV. This post will mainly focus on accessibility in and around Paris as well as the issues that we had while planning our route, while the next will cover accessibility in Barcelona.

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