Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

A Fresh Start to the New Year

Happy Belated New Year, everyone (and Happy Chinese New Year too as it’s taking me so long to write this post)! After a horrible 2020, this year has the potential to be a marked improvement. With the COVID-19 vaccine programme in full swing (Jon got his first dose yesterday), we can hopefully expect to return… Continue reading A Fresh Start to the New Year

Step-Free Does Not Always Mean Step-Free

Relatively speaking, this has been a positive week for accessibility in London, with the expansion of step-free access stations after a long dormancy and visible progress on some of the ongoing accessibility schemes. As TfL’s financial situation is still unclear, it is becoming more apparent that the most ”secure” step-free access schemes are those tied… Continue reading Step-Free Does Not Always Mean Step-Free

Updates from Lockdown

I thought it would be a good idea to do a wide-ranging post covering some of the recent developments in railway accessibility. Even though I have not been on a train in almost 4 months now, it is good to see that the industry is still moving ahead with its projects. Hopefully this means that… Continue reading Updates from Lockdown

Updates during COVID

After a long absence due to the current COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve decided to make a post highlighting some of the transport news that has been announced during this period. Although many avid rail passengers have been forced to abandon public transport during the pandemic (Jon and I have not left our neighbourhood in 70 days),… Continue reading Updates during COVID

Calm Before the Storm

Amid these uncertain times due to COVID-19, I thought I would do a small post highlighting some of the recent advances regarding accessibility. New step-free stations on the Crossrail route have now created a fully accessible (to platforms) corridor from Reading to the Greater London boundary. To compensate for the finished works, there have been… Continue reading Calm Before the Storm

Large-Scale Approvals and Campaign Launches

Big infrastructure announcements throughout the country seem to be dominating the news these days, with schemes such as HS2, East West Rail, and Crossrail all making headlines. Step-free projects within London continue to progress at a slow and steady pace, while a new campaigned aimed at boosting level boarding on the railways on a national… Continue reading Large-Scale Approvals and Campaign Launches

Extensions, Delays, and Introductions

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the long-overdue post, this year has started out very busy. Access-wise, the past few weeks have seen incredible level boarding progress mostly outside of London, with new level boarding trains for Greater Anglia and Merseyrail as well as tramway expansions for Birmingham and Manchester. Unfortunately, London’s own latest level… Continue reading Extensions, Delays, and Introductions

Looking Towards 2020

After a long year of progress and delays, we are now nearing the end of 2019 and looking to 2020 for more advances in rail accessibility. As I mentioned in my previous post, the first ever Step Free Tube Challenge was completed on 3rd December. Following successful completion, there are plans to continue the tradition… Continue reading Looking Towards 2020

Derogations, Consultations, and Exciting Holiday Destinations

After an amazing holiday in Valencia, Spain earlier this month, I have come back to find many developments involving the future of the Underground’s most problematic lines. From controversial design choices to tube extensions and wide-scale redevelopments, we are starting to see the next challenges that TfL will seek to address folowing the eventually completion… Continue reading Derogations, Consultations, and Exciting Holiday Destinations

Summer’s Over!

With the end of summer, we start autumn with a bunch of small updates both in and out of London. These include surprise level boarding rolling stock coming soon to the Isle of Wight, new light rail lines moving forward, and continuous progress of step-free access. Isle of Wight Level Boarding Yesterday, it was announced… Continue reading Summer’s Over!