Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

Step-Free London

Mapping the Development of

Step-free Access Across

London’s Rail Network

TfL’s Approaching Accessibility Cliff Edge

With the continuing effects of the pandemic on TfL’s finances and the insufficient emergency government funding, we are about to reach a cliff edge with regards to future improvements schemes, including accessibility. As Crossrail wraps up and other schemes like the Bank Station Upgrade, Northern Line Extension, Barking Riverside station, and funded step-free schemes are… Continue reading TfL’s Approaching Accessibility Cliff Edge

Pandemic’s Legacy

With the free-fall in passenger numbers and project delays related to the lockdown, we are now beginning to see the damage that this will have on the future accessibility of London’s railway network. While TfL has long had financial troubles and Network Rail’s Access for All scheme is no stranger to delays, cancellations, and deferments,… Continue reading Pandemic’s Legacy

Calm Before the Storm

Amid these uncertain times due to COVID-19, I thought I would do a small post highlighting some of the recent advances regarding accessibility. New step-free stations on the Crossrail route have now created a fully accessible (to platforms) corridor from Reading to the Greater London boundary. To compensate for the finished works, there have been… Continue reading Calm Before the Storm

May Step-Free Achievements

Ignoring the glaring delays with the opening of Meridian Water station, now scheduled for 3rd June, and the never-ending work at Waterloo, this month has had a surprising amount of positive news with regards to step-free access. From a newly step-free suburban station to ambitious revised plans in the heart of the Square Mile, we… Continue reading May Step-Free Achievements

Overdue Update: Surprises and Progress

I must apologise for my long absence. After going on a much needed holiday in Germany, as well as planning an exciting tube-related event to be revealed later in the year, I am back! Despite an upsetting further Crossrail delay revealed last month, we are now gearing up for an exciting summer, filled with more… Continue reading Overdue Update: Surprises and Progress

Expansions (Oyster and Access for All)

This week we have been very lucky to see two important railway developments. The first is London-specific and involves the expansion of the Oyster Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Zone to Hertford North. The second, affecting the whole country, Is the announcement of the 73 railway station that will be made step-free during the new Control Period of… Continue reading Expansions (Oyster and Access for All)

Start of Control Period 6

In addition to April Fool’s Day and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s birthday (coincidence?), today also marks the start of Network Rail’s latest 5-year funding period, Control Period 6 (CP6). Investment during these periods typically include various types of projects, such as new stations, electrification schemes, step-free access works, and maintenance/renewal works. Access for All Obviously,… Continue reading Start of Control Period 6

DfT’s Inclusive Transport Strategy

Today the Department for Transport released a report detailing the future development of accessible transport, with the ambitious goal that the UK’s transport network will offer equal access to disabled people by 2030. It covers a very broad spectrum of topics, including staff training, passenger rights, and investment in infrastructure. The publication can be read… Continue reading DfT’s Inclusive Transport Strategy

Future Step-Free Stations: DfT Access for All Stations

Welcome to parts 7 and 8 of my Future Step-Free Stations series. They will cover the full list of stations in the Access for All government scheme, even the stations whose works have been deferred. DfT Access for All Stations