Whitechapel Open Day

In preparation for the Elizabeth Line’s highly anticipated launch this December, Crossrail Ltd is holding a series of Open Days at each of the new stations. These have already been held at Custom House, Canary Wharf, Farringdon, and most recently, Whitechapel. Whitechapel’s event is so far the only one held on the weekend, and so I had the pleasure of checking out the colossal station.  Continue reading Whitechapel Open Day

Level Boarding: Introduction

It is finally time to talk about the concept of level boarding, including its history, major factors and challenges, while also examining where level boarding exists and various solutions that could expand the provision of level boarding across London. I have talked about level boarding several times before when discussing degrees of step-free access, as level boarding is when wheelchair users are able to board a train without requiring any outside assistance, such as a manual boarding ramp. In an ideal world,  the interface between the train and the platform would look similar to that found in a lift, where the lift lines up seamlessly with the floors of the building.  Continue reading Level Boarding: Introduction